Commercial Insurance

For business owners in St. Louis, St. Charles, O'Fallon, and St. Peters, Missouri, obtaining commercial insurance isn’t difficult. They can use an independent agency like Freedom Insurance to compare insurance quotes online to maximize their savings and time. Of course, owners should familiarize themselves with the basic types of commercial insurance policies to adequately protect their business.

Missouri Commercial Auto Insurance

Any business that involves vehicle use will require commercial auto insurance. A personal auto policy will not cover activity related to business use, regardless of whether it is a vehicle designated for business or personal use.

Missouri Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

Liability can cover a range of items in the business world. With a CGL, businesses can obtain protection in notable areas of liability insurance, such as personal injury, bodily injury, advertising injury, and property damage. The CGL policy type can take care of several insurance needs in one item.

Missouri Commercial Property Insurance

Similar to a home insurance policy, the commercial property insurance policy protects the property of the business in question. Familiar coverage areas such as theft and fire can be found, which serve to protect the physical structure of the business. It is a must for any business that has a physical location.

Missouri Workers Compensation

Any employer that has five or more employees must have workers compensation in the state of Missouri. This protects an employee that may be hurt at work, offering medical and salary benefits for a covered injury.

Missouri Business Owner Package (BOP)

Small and medium sized business may do well to purchase a BOP policy. This policy type includes a number of insurance areas in one policy – including property, vehicle, property damage, business income, and bodily injury insurance. These essential areas provide a high amount of appeal for business owners who would like to purchase an all-encompassing policy, though there may be additional areas where protection is needed.

Business owners in Missouri can take advantage of an independent agency like Freedom Insurance to obtain a high level of experience and expertise. With the ability to compare several rates at once, it is a great option in the search for high-quality commercial insurance.